July 3, 2018

JAMA to Host an Event Supporting Young Women in Science, “Drive for the Future- A Job to Drive Your Dreams,” on July 16 at Grand Front Osaka and on July 22 at JAMA

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) is pleased to announce a two-venue event to support young women in science, “Drive for the Future- A Job to Drive Your Dreams,” to be held at Grand Front Osaka on Monday, July 16, 2018 and at JAMA’s headquarters in Tokyo on Sunday, July 22.

In addition to discussing women’s careers in the automobile manufacturing industry, participants in this gathering will examine the tie-ins between science studies and employment. JAMA has been hosting this event since 2015 with the goal of broadening options for study and career paths as well as occupational fields.

This year the event will feature a discussion between women engineers currently employed at major automobile manufacturing firms and young women now studying science or engineering at university, along with a talk by women engineers on what led them to choose to study science and/or engineering, what they focused on at university in their particular fields of study, and what their current jobs demand of them. Time will be allotted for an informal Q&A session devoted to addressing audience members’ concerns, whether with studies, university options or career and employment topics. A hands-on, interactive experience with some of the latest technology from automobile manufacturers will also be available.

JAMA would like to ask members of the press to please convey this information about the automobile manufacturers actively promoting women’s involvement in the workplace through this noteworthy event.

Outline of Event Supporting Young Women in Science “Drive for the Future- A Job To Drive Your Dreams”

Date & time Osaka: July 16, 2018 (Monday [national holiday]) 13:00-15:30
Tokyo: July 22, 2018 (Sunday) Morning session 10:00-12:30; Afternoon session 14:00-16:30
Venue & address Osaka: Conference Room, 10th Floor, Grand Front Osaka Tower B 3-1, Ofukacho, Kita Ward, Osaka City, Osaka
Tokyo: Conference Room, 16th Floor, Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association Shiba NBF Tower, 1-1-30, Shiba Daimon, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Targeted audience Female junior high school and senior high school students
Content outline
  • 1. Discussion:
    A career-themed exchange between women engineers and female university students
  • 2. Talk:
    Women engineers on their fields of study, career choices and employment
  • 3. Q&A session:
    Questions to women engineers from members of the audience
  • 4. Interactive experience:
    Featuring the Kirobo Mini robot (Toyota Motor Corporation), the EPORO robot car (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.) and the UNI-CUB personal mobility device (Honda Motor Co., Ltd.)
Host Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA)
Sponsors Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare; Keidanren (the Japan Business Federation)
URL (online info sites) For this event:
For a project supporting girls and boys in science studies: