July 4, 2018

JAMA Launches a Public Awareness Campaign Targeting Distracted Driving

On July 7, 2018, the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) will launch a three-month-long campaign targeting distracted driving, a growing problem on Japan’s roads.

Road accidents caused by distracted driving involving the use of smartphones or other screen-based devices have increased in recent years. The current annual total of such accidents is approximately 5,000 nationwide.

Moreover, a JAMA survey conducted in 2016 showed that nearly 70 percent of drivers?both men and women?had engaged in mobile phone use while driving.
(See summary survey results in the attachment.)

These realities underscore the need to raise awareness among the general public of the risks of distracted driving to help eliminate its occurrence. JAMA is conducting its campaign in recognition of this need.

The campaign will consist of a YouTube-posted video featuring the actor Yuta Hiraoka and will focus on discouraging the use of phones and screen-based devices while driving.

“Distracted Driving Prevention” Campaign Overview

Campaign content

A public awareness-raising video, broadcast online, targeting distracted driving and featuring the actor Yuta Hiraoka

Campaign duration

July 7-October 6, 2018

Target audience

Drivers and the general public


- YouTube (video); YouTube TrueView (advertisement)
- Via links uploaded to the JAMA website and the websites and social media sites of JAMA member manufacturers