July 30, 2018

JAMA Creates an Introductory Package for the “Iki-Iki Driving School”
Road Safety Training Program for Senior Drivers

The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc. (JAMA) has created an introductory package for the “Iki-Iki Driving School” road safety training program for senior drivers, with the aim of promoting its widespread use.

The Iki-Iki Driving School program is a lively (“iki-iki” in Japanese) refresher course in safe driving developed specifically for elderly drivers, to promote their continued enjoyment of automobile use and their safe independent mobility. The purpose of the program is to enhance driver alertness and improve safe-driving skills among senior drivers. A further merit of the program is that its road safety awareness “brain training” and “road safety training” elements can also be used to promote safer road use by pedestrians and bicyclists.

Comprising a Promotional Video, an Instructional Video, and a Program Materials Outline, JAMA’s introductory package (available in Japanese only) is designed to enable instructors to make immediate use of the entire package. The promotional video summarizes the goals of the Iki-Iki Driving School program and highlights its benefits and the enjoyment it provides to its participants; the instructional video explains how to use the program’s materials and how to proceed with the program; and the outline of program materials describes the program materials available while recommending an optimal program content for first-time users.

The Iki-Iki Driving School program’s DVD-based introductory package is available free of charge and can be viewed and ordered on the JAMA website at http://www.jama.or.jp/safe/safety_elderly/index.html. Orders will be delivered, at no cost to users, by regular postal service.

Since 2008, JAMA has recommended this program and provided program materials free of charge to entities and organizations nationwide, including local governments and the police, which are engaged in road safety promotional activities specifically targeting elderly drivers. The program is also used by local social welfare councils and senior citizen clubs.

Going forward, JAMA hopes that the Iki-Iki Driving School program will be used across the board by traffic safety-promoting bodies and that it will contribute to increased safety for all road users.

Contents of the Iki-Iki Driving School program’s Introductory Package:

  • The Promotional Video: An overview of the goals of the program, etc.
  • The Instructional Video: A “how-to” guide for program use
  • The Program Materials Outline


  • Jacket cover of the Iki-Iki Driving School program’s “Introductory Package” DVD



  • Program users and user evaluations (2015 survey)
    Based on responses [total number: 206] from users who ordered the program in 2015

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